charlene_westonHi and low from Chazza A.K.A Charlene Weston. What we will do here is talk about healthy meat free food and what’s happening in the environment that is good and positive for the future generations to come, as I side with all of it. I will cover my favorite music, as I believe music touches your soul, so that just adds to a healthy mind and body…

I have Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. I have been in a wheelchair for many years due to this disease. I try to look at life with a positive attitude, it’s very difficult but I try and to me that is hard work on a daily basis. I believe we live in such a negative and opinionated world but that is thanks to society and a way of thinking. I would like to express how we as a society should start looking at life like this, by being happier and bringing back the love for certain topics. Start by watching, reading and listening to things only that will change your way of thinking and doing it in a more positive way of life. There are plenty topics out there, I promise. Just take the time and look. I also wanted to express the love for my music and find a happy, safe place to just let go and start a fresh new beginning. So please join me in the beautiful place called Mother Earth.

" Cape Town South Africa the most beautiful place in the world! My Place on this blue gem of a planet "
” Cape Town South Africa the most beautiful place in the world! My Place on this blue gem of a planet “

My interests and likes are: Happy music as I feel it’s unnecessary to listen to music that makes you feel that you are hanging by a rope around your neck in the forest of Aokigahara. I used to dance before the MS put me in a wheelchair. Dancing used to make me feel free and I could achieve anything. I used to feel the energy throughout my body. Like my heart was one with the beat. (Oh yeah!)


If you know of any feel good stories please forward them to me so I can give out that feeling to others who need it. I would simply like good news, good music and good topics etc. I welcome you to join me on my journey

All this is due to my awesome husband. He is so willing to be helpful in every way. To me he actually is my living hero. He also knows so much about a lot of things because he loves reading up on everything and passing his knowledge on.

Thank you my dear husband for helping to make all of this possible.

I don’t write much because I can’t find the words to say what I would like to.  This video below speaks volumes as I’m sure many people will relate to this, not just the blind! I’d like to thank Jubilee Project Short Film for bringing awareness to such a complicated situation.

Video Source YouTube

Source:  Blind Devotion * Jubilee Project Short FilmJubilee Project Short Film